Friday, April 29, 2011

The Joy of Spring

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It's so incredibly lovely, kinda like this:

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Don't be fooled. Spring has a dark side. While the everything is coming into bloom, the pollen puts my body on red-alert:

That tree appears to be mighty innocent, huh?

You know why? Because pollen. You know what pollen really is? I'll tell you: 
Mother Nature's deep, dark, vile secret.

Yep. Tree Sperm. Pollen is TREE SPERM. I am terribly allergic to tree sperm. It makes me sick. I get headaches that last for days. I itch, sneeze, and drip snot at random times because my body decides the mere act of inhaling pollen is cause enough to produce ungodly amounts of histamines to the point where I am utterly debilitated. 

So while I think nature is effing beautiful and wonderful, I effing hate it this time of year. Trees and plants become my body's mortal enemy. 

That means I always get the stuffing beat out of me because I'm not really good at fighting.

And we all know trees do this to get our ice cream. 

The End.

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