Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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I have decided to down-load the latest version of Paint Shop Pro. I know, I know, everyone uses Photoshop and I suck for loving PSP. I know the program, I preferred it over PS before every buying a home graphics/photo editor and frankly, I'm feeling a little too old to learn new tricks. Plus, the price difference was stellar and my budget at the time was meager.

I actually own(ed) PSP X2 (? I think ?) at one point, but the computer it is on now belongs to my husband solely. I feel creepy about putting all my crazy girl scrappy stuff on his big manly computer. I'd rather have my stuff on my little laptop. Besides, that's where all my photos are. And my cute little graphics. And my links to other cool elements and stuff. (Somehow he has an awesome computer chair that makes me want to throw this all out the window and I'm not sure how I get the where-ever seating)

My goal is one day have a drawing tablet of some kind:

That way, I can take my ability to doodle aimlessly and unproductively to a whole new level. I have very simple, yet moderately expensive dreams. For now, I am going to install the try before you buy PSP X3 software-- and then I'll buy the actual disk at some point so when I need to, I can re-install it. Wish I'd gone that route the first time.

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