Friday, August 26, 2011

Delaware's Wild Ride

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We are really hoping hurricane Irene fizzles out, goes to sea and leaves our area alone. I'm not liking the "good-bye" shots of our coastline we are seeing all over the TV. Couple that with an earthquake-- which wasn't strong here, except we suffer from amplification of earthquake waves, and the whole area is taking THIS storm very seriously.

We've decided to get out of dodge-- or we did before we were advised to. Our family had a plan... it's the rest of my family that didn't. Anyway, we decided enough stress for one month, its time for a mini-get-a-way. The kid is under entirely too much stress and it shows.

So, we are wishing everyone up and down the East Coast good luck while we move to much higher ground. Get prepared and be safe, hug those kiddos tight!

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