Thursday, August 4, 2011

Look for a new posts soon!

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Things have been awfully busy here. When I'm not refreshing the kid for school, correcting behavior, fixing meals and running between doctors appointments, I've either been scrapping, reading (you know, Chiari & Asperger's) or catching up on emails. Sometimes, I sleep.

There's one really interesting thing that has transpired lately. There seems to be a theme running through my life at the moment, thanks to the powers of the Universe. When these themes manifest over and over again, I take heed. The current theme is the link between gratitude and karma. And boy, do have a lot to post about that with one particular example I find morbidly fascinating. A study in psychology maybe? Extreme narcissism? 

Whatever it is it reinforces the lessons I've learned over the years and makes me thankful for everything I have, and how lucky I am to have my husband alive and well. It reminds me to be grateful for our wonderful support system during our battle with Arnold Chiari (he's a jerk!) and coping with autism.

I haven't decide whether to splay it out as is or just write a piece about it. It was an interesting interaction to say the least. To see it as is would be like watching a train wreck. Or maybe some awful B rated biker chick movie. I need to think about how to portray this story...

In the works are also several more scrap pages and a guest post for Lots to come when I can find more time.

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