Saturday, November 27, 2010

Game On, Again.

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About a month ago, our beloved computer bit the dust. After three years, the hard drive went *cough*cough*wheez*sputter*pblllttt...* kaput unexpectedly. Naturally, we had not backed anything up, so I lost everything: every document, every photo, every program... it was a very sad day.

My wonderful husband brought a new one home after robbing a convenience store. Not really, but long story short, we were back in business. Things went well for 20 some days when the new computer had an electronic asthma attack with no inhaler. Fatal.

Turns out we bought a dud. A million hours later with Gateway customer support after CompUSA said "sorry, your 0:00:00:00:01" too late in calling about a problem and we can no longer accept a return". CompUSA said pay UPS shipping to Texas and pack it like a fortress and we'll fix it for free in 3 to 6 years. Ended up taking the sad machine to Staples and getting them to put in a new hard drive.

So, all my Pooping Red Guy images are gone. I have to take new ones... maybe tomorrow Jesus will help me cook a turkey dinner? Since we've had a house full kids, all those poor dudes are all over the place.

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