Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm not saying my cat may be the Anti-Christ...

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but she LOVES to knock Jesus over. Seriously. Here photo evidence:

What's important is what (or whom) is NOT in this picture. That would be the J-man because my cat, Socks- the bane of my husband's and Jesus' existence, has knocked Jesus onto the floor. When you are a 9 inch son of God action figure, that 3 foot drop is the equivalent of jumping off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge without a safety cable (or whatever may save you from plunging to your death).

Good thing for Jesus that he has the ability to resurrect himself or else he'd be toast- and not the kind you could sell on eBay for $50,000 dollars. I'm talking the kind that you burn because some jerk turned your toaster setting to 10 and you are having one of those mornings so that after two minutes, you forget you were making toast and go the bathroom only to emerge in time to see for the first time ever that yes, toast does really pop out of the toaster like on the cartoons, but only if its one step away from charcoal. (I think it makes it more aerodynamic) Then your whole day is ruined because you don't have a enough time to make more toast and even if you could, you are outta bread, pay day is tomorrow and you don't have any lunch money so you were counting on that breakfast to hold you off until dinner. You know, that kinda toast.

So, that's why my cat may be the Devil in the flesh, er fur. We all know that no matter what, Jesus perseveres. Despite their tumultuous relationship, I love my cat from hell and Jesus just the same. After all, isn't that exactly what Jesus preaches?

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