Saturday, May 7, 2011

Judge Q. Public: Interesting or Cruel?

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Thanks to my handy-dandy friends on my facebook friends (J. Rutkai and Bishop Long), I had the pleasure of viewing this video along with the first sip of my coffee this morning:

But is it really interesting or is it really kinda mean? 

I grew up with the golden rule: Never tease animals and especially never tease them about food. Not only is it mean (because they don't have opposable thumbs therefore lack the ability to make a sandwich), but one day they may maim you over it. Or maybe they'll just eat you or your pets for lack of sharing that bacon or bag of Snausages used as an object of torment.

I have little doubt that this particular dog ate the cat mentioned in this video. I think responsible citizens ought to demand proof that the cat mentioned is still alive. This little one minute video may be "funny" or "interesting" on the surface, but who knows what is behind the scenes? Half-eaten obese cat? Dog plotting his owners demise? Who knows how this dog will retaliate after being mercilessly teased?

C'mon folks- Bacon. You cannot implant the idea in a human's mind (unless they are a vegetarian or something and still its cruel) that they will be having bacon only to fail to produce that meaty goodness. We are a nation of bacon whores. You could wrap poop in bacon and it'd taste good.

Could you imagine the riots if bacon were suddenly outlawed?

Just because its a dog in this video and not a person doesn't make this okay. Dogs have rights, too. Someone should call PETA. Or Caesar Milan. Or the SPCA or whomever you call when an animal faces cruelty. This video surely is animal torture and the owner of this dog should never ever be allowed to eat bacon again.  

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