Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Weekend Excitement in Photos

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Saturday started with a my morning cup o'coffee and some catching up on grown up stuff-- you know funny, satirical news and lots of fail.

Socks loves my notebook. It's not just the warmth or the fact that plopping on it makes her the center of my universe. I have discovered she loves to watch the action on the computer as well. She loves the mouse, random animated ads that appear on different websites and such. Without a doubt her two favorite things seem to be this video and Stephen Colbert.  Birds I get. Colbert? I have no clue. Maybe because he's very animated? Maybe its the sound of his voice? He does have the opposite effect on my son, who abhors Colbert's very existence.

Later that day, we had some fun in 'hood. Well not our 'hood. Our 'hood is very quiet, filled mostly with 30 and 40-somethings that mesh well as a community (minus the crazy-driving-boy-having-over-college girls our former neighbors are renting to). Oh yeah, and the couple of wine drinking, porch-talking retirees. It's the kinda neighborhood where you wave, you chit-chat and shovel your neighbor's parking spot when they are outta town. We love it here. 

Yet, everyone wants to move because of the 'hood that inhabits the space behind our little community. Many times us normal people have discussions about what sorta behavior constitutes calling the police on the loony-toons behind our homes? Are we sure they are beating each other? There is cussing, woman sunbathing in string bikinis that should be wearing mu-mus and kids running willy-nilly through our yards, causing various amounts of damage. 

Saturday evening, our community was treated to some ambient music blaring from a car that was pulled round to one to someone's backyard. Backyard and car did not match, but I guess in that 'hood, it's close enough. This went on until 9pm, shortly before I arrived at the point where I wanted to go all Office Space (reenactment) on that car stereo.

Sunday morning, the same lovely and considerate people decided that the party was so enjoyable to all around them that they should continue the festivities. At 2:10 pm, the kid and I decided to make a break for it. It was time for annual After-Easter-Before-Tourist-Season first trip to the beach.

Of course, being an Aspie boy, he was pretty insistent that we get on our bathing suits. I spent a fair amount of time prior to 2:10 pm convincing him that 60 degree water on a 60-something degree cloudy day did not warrant bathing attire. I did agree to our shovel and one beach towel. Here is documentation of beach fun, which only lasted an hour since normally our 2 hour beach trips consist of one hour in the water and one on the sand, in that order.

The End!

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