Sunday, May 15, 2011


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I have a Twitter account with two followers officially. This dude is one of my followers:

Err, is this for reals? I'm really busy. If you are joking, please say in your profile that clearly you jest. I'm a little scared now. Or maybe I didn't pay enough attention to the profile. The scary part? A couple of years ago I would of have seen this dude as clearly satirical. These days with Tea Baggers, it's possible this dude is serious. And if he is serious, he didn't pay much attention my blog. Or maybe he did and that's cool. But I'm not feeling really sharp these days.

So if you read this, Handpicked By Jesus guy, you are either effing hilarious or really, really creepy. 

Three more days until surgery? Anyone who wants to do laundry is welcome to come over.

EDITING THIS POST for an update:

This is the coolest guy ever, well almost. You can't explain it:

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