Thursday, July 14, 2011

For the love of Chiari: An Update

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When my husband does something, he does it right!

Chiari Malformations are so intricate, its amazes me. First, the mere ability to survive (and survive well), then the powers of the brain (as in my hubby is still as sharp as a tack) following that all up with incredible pain (and still being able to keep his cool). Okay, maybe this is what my hubby so awesome, despite Chiari.

He goes in for lots of scans next week. We'll both be glad when these are done because we will find out if he has a slow leak or not. If so, then its more surgery... if not, its back to recovery as usual. And care can be handed over to the neurologist-- meaning no more two hour drives to see the surgeon. It also means he'll be able to get back to work before summer is over. My poor man is chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things.

In the meantime, we are exercising his reflexes and brain with a variety of video games. We are getting out of the house, he's driving a little and getting to run errands (yay, because I'm so sick of visiting Walgreens every single day). We are also hoping he gets cleared for more strenuous activities, like swimming and sex. (sex, okay, we like to have sex!)

The kid is feeling a bit more settled. I am very proud of the way he's handled himself during this whole process. It's a lot to ask of a little one, especially with autism. We have used all those coping skills and learned new ones.

One day, I'll have more time to go over all things Chiari, but for now, we have a rare moment to enjoy a bad movie and pizza sans kid. Oh, and tomorrow my husband goes into the next year of his life thanks to some really amazing doctors, awesome family and super friends. Cheers!

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