Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girlie Scrap

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I spent most of the day trying to put together a digi scrap page of my niece. Her mom took this great picture of her at the beach where she looks like a movie star. I have been dying to use the photo in a scrap page. I love the colors-- pinks!! Having a boy, I don't use a lot of pinks...

Turns out I have a lot of trouble coming up with a layout. I wanted to use everything pink and beach themed... turns out there aren't a lot of pink beach themes on my computer. I have so many kits, I was hoping to use just one designer's kit... or do a challenge. I struggled with this page, but finally realized I didn't have one kit to fit this... and self-editing was a huge problem because I wanted to use EVERY kit I had...

My husband kept telling me things looked good. Poor guy was befuddled when I'd tell him he was wrong. He likes everything I do, so if I'd smeared poop on the monitor he'd tell me it was a work of art. 

In the end, I used papers and elements from Delicious Scraps (various collections-- they are all so good! Most of my fave kits are from DS) along with elements from Stacey's Scraps (the pink frame with green bow, which set my color scheme basically was from her "Longing For Summer" kit). I also used Shannon Fahrnbach's Too Hot to Handle elements (the glitter sun and wire-flower-sun center piece) along with Alphas. The alphas had this great texture to them, but when I recolored it pink, I messed up somewhere. Oh well, I figure it was just meant to be. I believe I got that kit from digiscrap central..I'll have to check that. I am happy with the overall outcome:


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