Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chiair Malfomation Info

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This is courtesy of the Brain and Spine Foundation Online out of the UK. It's good info, except we have to remember that every doctor seems to type Chiari differently. Type II doesn't necessarily mean Arnold Chiari in the states. I think. The doctors always confuse me with this one or at least the ones who even know what a Chiari Malformation is do.

Tomorrow we see the neurosurgeon or, at least, one of his cronies. If its the Nurse Practitioner who didn't know she couldn't write a valid narcotic prescription and signed the order to have my husband released after only 16 hours after surgery, someone will have to keep me from punching her in the nose. My husband is the one who threatens to punch the surgeon in the nose because he wasn't honest about the pain during recovery. But I'm going to have words with the NP... strong, effective words, like either reschedule our appointment or get me someone else as I am firing you. FIRED.

16 hours... I'm still pissed. Had I not had the wherewithall and not been well read, my husband would have died. Had I not helped a friend through nursing school by studying with her (and maybe doing her homework...maybe), I would have completely fallen short on aftercare. And it would have been nice if someone gave the care provider a clue about the intensity. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

This is why I put up a stink. Sixteen hours is not long enough. We went to ER because he was dehydrated and possibly had meningitis and not enough antibiotic. Thanks. Was it the insurance company? Maybe. Was it to free up a bed in the ICU without taking one up on the floor? Maybe.

I'm afraid good patient care is dead and we should have nursing skills like our great-great-ancestors. Someone needs to practice medicine, might as well be us. Who is up for self-stitching courses? Midwifery? Something.

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