Sunday, June 5, 2011

Places you should go

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It's Sunday again, so I will share with you the places I've visited in the past week. You might want to check them out for yourself:


This is a great blog from an ER doctor working hard for his patients. If you haven't added this to your blogroll, you are missing out. His writing is exceptional and stories are engaging. The post I'm sharing with you is the most recent and happens to have struck a chord with me. It's about taking responisibilty for your own healthcare. Doctors are powerless to that which we inflict on ourselves.

Confession's of an Asperger's Mom

Oh, how I love this blog and its author!! A mom with two teen Aspie boys, both very different, shares some Aspie funnies in this particular post. It's real and honest, full of tons of insight and information. It's not just for the parents with kids on the spectrum. It's a relevant family read, too.

I'd Like Cheese on My Entire Family

Since its hot-hot-hot it's time to think about summer vacations. This post centers around a memory of family vacations and the CIA. It's hilarious-- I highly recommend you check this out for a laugh.

Our Best Bites

If you know me, you know I love to cook (most of the time). I'm always on the lookout for a new recipe. I adore greek flavors. I was so excited to see this post on a Greek style condiment that I wanted to rush out to buy the ingredients. I haven't had the time, but I plan to next week.


For some reason, I think this is hilarious. If you haven't heard of it shame on you. How often to we get to talk about wieners in congress figuratively and literally on so many levels? In his defense, Jon Stewart who hung out with Rep. Wiener in Bethany Beach summers during college says its not that big. This article from the Gothamist will bring you up to speed if you've missed the scandal.

Playstation Network Welcome Back Program

If you have a PS3, you'll notice the launch of the Welcome Back Program (aka Sorry Hackers Took Your Credit Card Info and Crashed Our Servers Promotion). The program crashed the PSN store servers. We only managed to get one game downloaded and because the store crashed at the second game download, its now lost in cyberspace somewhere. Read the comments for helpful advice and a laugh (or cry). But hey, we get what we pay for, right?

The War on Women

Being a totally liberal kinda gal, I happen to agree with Anne Rice's assessment that there is currently a war on women going on this country. (Check out her facebook page- really a lot of fun. Lively, mature discussions that are thought provoking.) This article will demonstrate what I mean. It's caused many lively discussions in my house. Poor hubby didn't realize he married an old-school, mouthy feminist.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!

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