Monday, June 6, 2011

Dr. Earl Bradley slated to go on trial tomorrow

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The Delaware pediatrician who heinously abused his young patients and violated the trust of hundreds of families is being prosecuted starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 7th. I could have chosen this man as my son's primary doctor, but because instead, I picked a doctor that practiced family medicine. After a while, I switched his doctor the pediatrician located closer to our home that we could walk to. Dr. Bradley was the second closet pediatrician and still practicing at the time I decided to switch.  It's too bad that so many parents and children trusted him.

My neighbor told me her friends recommended Dr. Bradley to her when she was pregnant with her first child. Then one of those friends recanted the rec saying Dr. Bradley refused to send their sick child to a specialist. I believe that child suffered from a chronic disease, for which said parent advocated for treatment by getting a second opinion. Turns out, in hindsight, Dr. Bradley didn't like to send patients to specialists or second opinions for the fear of being caught.

That same neighbor's husband is on the prosecution team. He's home for some of today. Spending time with his wife and kids whom he won't get to focus on because of the trial. I know he has worked incredibly hard on this case and his family making a huge sacrifice because of the monster that is Earl Bradley. He will most likely miss his daughter's first day of kindergarten, summer trips to the beach, dates with his wife, family outings and downtime...

During this process, which has been underway for years now, I have encouraged my neighbors to put aside their hectic lives to spend time as a family and couple. 

She's worried that her girls will miss too much of their father, that she will miss too much of her husband. He's all consumed with this trial, understandably on many levels. I told her to remind him he needs to make the time, that his girls will learn how a mate should treat them by how he treats them. He's teaching balance. They are teaching love. While his job is important for the greater good, he's dad first and foremost, then he's husband. I told her how me and my hubby make the time to spend together, even if it isn't traditional. You can play with the kids before school and work or take them for before bed stargazing. You can have a three in the morning date. Work will always be there, family and special moments will not.

So, while we march onto into the trial of the most heinous serial pedophile of our time, let us remember to thank those who give of themselves to make sure he's put away for good. Let us thank the parents of the victims who came forward, cooperated with authorities, who speak out against a crime of violation and shame. Let us remember the victims who couldn't speak for themselves-- babies, toddlers and small children-- and the ones whose voices weren't understood, whose cues that they were being abused were missed. Our community will carry these scars for years to come.

The horror of this man's crimes is unfathomable. I've been privy to just a little surface material, but things not suitable for the news. I can't bear much more than that (and no, I'm not sharing). I imagine how terrible it must be as state attorney or paralegal to have to document line by line videos of sex abuse against children. It makes me wonder how one can sleep at night after that? 

My heart goes out to the prosecution and their support team, along with their families who are giving up their precious time, working well beyond a forty-hour work week at the expense of themselves, their personal lives and their loved ones. Justice doesn't happen in a bubble. It's real people giving of themselves... just like our citizens in military service, the public sector of men and women serve us to. They don't get paid enough for all that they do and normally aren't in it for the money. Have you thanked them yet?


Earl Bradley found guilty and convicted on all 24 child sex abuse counts (I'll spare the technical terms and you should read the article linked). We are still awaiting the sentencing, as far as I know. Again, I'd like to thank the police and prosecutors for their tireless efforts in this case. I know first-hand that they've worked their rear-ends off to put Bradley away.

Let's hope that Bradley's attorneys' appeal strategy fails miserably. If not, prosecutors still have a way to get this horrible man. Unfortunately, it means victims and parents testifying, which would be terrible for those hurt by the monster that is Bradley.

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Anonymous said...

Sad for he kids. I have a high school student whose mother was approached by law emforcement to view video tapes as she was a Bradley patient. When asked what happened, the girl said her mother declined. When further probed, the girl said she'd rather not know as she has no memory of incidents. I couldn't imagine the horror...

Posting anon but it's your sister...