Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh, The Places You Should Go

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It's that time again, dear readers (and my new followers--yay!), when I share with you the interesting links I've collected during the week. It has been quite a week for me--very busy-- so there may not be a big selection here. I desperately need a vacation!!

I'm going to do a little different formatting here, since I haven't exactly been thrilled with the outcome of the last two posts with the same (er, similar) names. 

Here's an interesting article about an a guy who put up an billboard about his ex-girlfriend. I personally think he's made himself the most un-datable guy in America currently. One gals miscarriage is another guy's abortion. The question remains is it free speech or right to privacy?

Now for a little shameless self promotion:

I was flattered to have my submission chosen by The Thinking Persons Guide to Autism. I submitted the essay on a lark, so it was amazing to get the "It's live and getting great feedback" email. This blog is my bible when it comes to my son's Asperger's Syndrome, so I am humbled, yet proud of my accomplishment. And I told my whole freaking family (which was interesting).

On the autism note, there was an interesting article on CNN's website about the chemicals we come into to contact in our daily lives and it's contribution to the rise in autism.  It's no surprise to me as I'm a big believer in the less chemicals, the better. That's why I avoid package foods like the plague and don't buy plastic water bottles anymore (water-- that I used to drink from my hose-- I refuse to pay for outside of my water bill). I'm no hippie and I use plastic and junk, but minimally and sparingly (I am only human). I did notice a great improvement in my son when we stopped eating so much chemically processed foods (and less allergy symptoms, too!). Now processed foods and sugars turn him into the Devil's Spawn. Really.

There's this great new site that is helping to raise money for Autism Interventions. All you do is click a button and sponsors give the money. It's so simple, so stop by and CLICK!! Also, on that site, I found something amazing: An amazing dancer on Britain's Got Talent. Reminds me of my kid who is such a great actor that I'm often asking if he's okay because he pretends to die or get injured so well. I've been trying to sign him up for theater camp for a couple of years, but apparently that's not cool.

Dr. Earl Bradley went on trial Tuesday. That trial also ended the same day. It's really all disgusting in two ways: The biggest serial pedophile case of all time has been but a brief in national news and his defense attorney is just waiting to stand in front of the appellate court so he can get video tape evidence thrown out.(Did I mention the video evidence basically shows Bradley doing reprehensible things to his young, even infant, patients? There's no doubt he's guilty, its just a matter of legality of prosecution and evidence gathering. Phooey.

Is truth in advertising dead? This story from the Natural News would leave me to believe yes. Aspartame is re-branding itself as a natural sweeter, despite being made in a lab. It's even been given a new name. Well, isn't that special. *rolling eyes* A natural sweetener should come from a plant... in you know, nature. 

In another WTF article, it seems a Texas state representative wants women and doctors to fill out an abortion registry questionnaire so that the state can publish it on an abortion registry website. In case we didn't have enough people in our vaginas and uterus-es (or is that uteri?)  as women, we've got to make what's been going up there public information. The bill was vetoed, but its not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. HIPPA better watch out because personal medical information is so passe these days.

On that note, I'm out. Got something interesting to share? Leave me a comment!!


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